Mentorship & Masterclass Services

Mentorship & Masterclass Services

At Apollo Advisors, we are a Venture Studio committed to transforming visionary ideas into thriving enterprises. Launching a new venture is a thrilling yet challenging journey filled with uncertainties. From initial concepts to navigating financial management, work-life balance, and team dynamics, the path to entrepreneurial success is complex.

Imagine having a seasoned ally by your side, one who has navigated these turbulent waters and emerged victorious. At Apollo Advisors, we believe you shouldn’t have to walk this path alone or repeat the costly mistakes of the past. Our mission is to partner with you, offering our expertise and support every step of the way.

We specialize in nurturing funded early-stage ventures through strategic support across three stages of the venture life cycle:

  • Product Discovery: We help you transform innovative ideas into market-ready products that resonate with your target audience.
  • Product Development: We assist in crafting solutions that meet and exceed customer expectations, ensuring your offerings are impactful and meaningful.
  • Product Drive: We guide you in scaling your operations and expanding your user base, focusing on sustainable profitability.

How do we do it?

We offer four services to leaders at funded early-stage ventures:

  1. CEO Coaching: Tailored one-on-one sessions that provide personal guidance to help you navigate the complexities of leadership.
  2. Leadership Development: We facilitate personal growth and foster alignment within your leadership group, enhancing overall effectiveness.
  3. Workshops and Events: We create magic moments that showcase and educate, enriching your venture’s engagement with its audience.
  4. Advisory Board Creation: We aid in building a community of experts dedicated to supporting and elevating your venture.

Our unique approach prioritizes the leader and empowers them. We provide them with Masterclasses and Mentorship so they can apply world-class techniques. At the heart of empowerment is the transformational idea of 'applied learning.' We use lean, design thinking, and agile methodologies to tackle current problems you face on the most critical business objectives.

We strongly believe your business can only succeed if you are at your best. You need to be match fit! And that's why, alongside the practice of leading techniques such as Lean Startup, you'll tap into our support for you as a leader. So get ready for personal transformation, effective leadership, and optimization of your critical thinking.

Why not start in our Academy today?

Apollo Advisors was founded by Mike Parsons, CEO, in 2022. He has spent his career working in product and marketing in Sydney, Amsterdam, London, and San Francisco.

Client Testimonials

Joost Jongbloed, CEO at Gradient‌ ‌Amsterdam, NL
"I highly recommend Mike to anyone looking to take their business to the next level. Mike has been my trusted advisor and mentor in leading my companies for a decade. His wisdom built over the years is easily converted into practical actions that deliver results by focusing on what really matters. I feel grateful working with him and look forward to another decade of teaming up."
Lars Bjørge, Founder at The Scale Factory‌ ‌Singapore
"Growing a start-up is tough. There are always things left undone, and business moves frantically. For the last 16 months, I've worked with Mike as an executive coach and strategic discussion partner. His support has been invaluable.

Unexpectedly, given Mike's rich entrepreneurial background, I’ve gotten new perspectives on our business and tons of tips and blueprints to help us strengthen the business. Perhaps more critical is the calm determination a session with Mike instils in me. Everything seems possible when talking with Mike. Not a bad way to get necessary change started."
Gursh Mendhir, Head of Innovation & Emerging Products at Virgin Media O2‌ ‌London, UK

Working with Mike changed the game for our team – he cut through the noisy world of innovation to help us shape and quickly deliver our strategy. No challenge is too big for him, and he quickly figures out the smartest next steps. He “gets it”.

Ziv Shalev, General Manager at‌ ‌Melbourne, AUS

"Creating and prototyping new products with Mike is a great experience. Focusing on the customer is the most powerful way to innovate, and doing this with Mike is deeply rewarding."

Radu Constantinescu, CEO at QUALITANCE‌ ‌Bucharest, RO

"I've been growing business with Mike for over seven years. I value his deep industry knowledge, drive, and energy. He's a true partner, and he is world-class at product strategy and discovery."

Christopher Gale, Chief Commercial Officer, Banking-as-a-Service. Westpac
I’ve worked with Mike for many years across some of Australia’s largest brands. Mike brings a fresh perspective grounded in what customers want and a can-do attitude to building new products. He regularly pushes the boundaries and thinks outside the box to deliver truly differentiated digital experiences that surprise and delight. Building brand-new products is a massive challenge, but it's thrilling and satisfying when Mike and I work together.
Eric Fender, Senior Program Consultant Truist Bank 
Mike & I have done several rapid prototyping workshops together, and it was a blast. Our most recent workshop had over 100 people involved, and it was a game-changer - everyone loved it! I can’t wait to do the next product together.