7 Ways To Manage Stress In The Workplace

Discover effective stress management strategies for entrepreneurs inspired by "The Body Keeps the Score." Learn mindfulness, yoga, EMDR, and more to navigate business pressures with resilience and creativity. Transform stress into strength.

7 Ways To Manage Stress In The Workplace

Entrepreneurship demands business acumen and a robust approach to handling stress. Drawing from Bessel van der Kolk's seminal work "The Body Keeps the Score," this post delves into practical strategies for entrepreneurs to manage stress effectively. Let's transform how we handle entrepreneurial pressures, using insights grounded in the latest understanding of mind-body wellness.

The Entrepreneur's Challenge: Stress and Its Impact

Entrepreneurs navigate a dynamic environment where stress is a constant. Understanding its effects on both the mind and body is pivotal. Unchecked stress can impair decision-making, creativity, and overall health, threatening your business and personal well-being.

Integrating Healing Techniques into Entrepreneurial Life:

Mindfulness and Meditation

The practice of mindfulness and meditation is an invaluable tool for entrepreneurs. You can sharpen your focus and enhance decision-making by embedding mindfulness exercises, such as guided meditation or mindful breathing, into your daily routine. These practices reduce anxiety, bolster cognitive functions, and cultivate resilience against business uncertainties.

Bessel van der Kolk highlights the importance of feeling safe, noting, "Being able to feel safe with other people is probably the single most important aspect of mental health." Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple, famously attributed much of his focus and design philosophy to Zen meditation, showcasing the profound impact of mindfulness on creativity and leadership.


Incorporating yoga into your lifestyle can significantly mitigate physical tension and maintain mental clarity. Whether you're drawn to Vinyasa's energy or Yin yoga's deep relaxation, the practice improves flexibility, enhances nervous system functioning, and solidifies the mind-body connection.

Van der Kolk praises yoga as "an excellent form of self-care that helps deal with the body's fight or flight response." Russell Simmons, a titan in the music industry and co-founder of Def Jam Recordings, has spoken extensively about how yoga has been instrumental in his success and well-being, illustrating the power of yoga in navigating the entrepreneurial journey.

EMDR Therapy

For entrepreneurs facing hurdles due to past business failures or traumas, EMDR therapy offers a pathway to healing. This therapy facilitates reprocessing negative experiences, diminishing their emotional impact and enabling a more focused approach to business challenges.

Van der Kolk asserts, "EMDR therapy shows that the mind can in fact heal from psychological trauma," highlighting its potential to transform past adversities into strengths.


Neurofeedback is a cutting-edge technique that trains the brain for better stress management and heightened focus. Promoting efficient brain function aids in managing stress and enhancing mental toughness, which is crucial for strategic thinking and problem-solving in the entrepreneurial realm.

Creative Therapies (Art and Drama)

Engaging in creative therapies like painting or improv workshops offers entrepreneurs a unique outlet for stress and a means to express the multifaceted challenges of entrepreneurship non-verbally. These practices encourage emotional catharsis, providing not just relief but also a source of inspiration and innovation.

Somatic Experiencing

Somatic experiencing, involving mindful breathing and body scanning, helps entrepreneurs identify and release stress. This technique aids in discharging physical stress manifestations, improving overall physical health, and anchoring individuals in the present moment. It's a powerful tool for those seeking to maintain balance and presence amidst the demands of business leadership.

Cultivating a Balanced Lifestyle

Lastly, a balanced lifestyle lays the foundation of successful entrepreneurship and stress management. Prioritizing a balanced diet, regular physical activity, and sufficient sleep is essential for maintaining the stamina needed for entrepreneurial success.

Arianna Huffington, co-founder of The Huffington Post, has become a vocal advocate for a balanced lifestyle, emphasizing the critical role of sleep and wellness in preventing burnout and fostering long-term success.

Embracing these techniques is a statement of strength, not a sign of weakness. As entrepreneurs, we must recognize that managing stress is integral to our success. Implementing these strategies, informed by "The Body Keeps the Score," can transform the way we navigate the entrepreneurial landscape, leading to enhanced productivity, creativity, and personal fulfillment.

Challenge yourself to incorporate at least one of these strategies into your daily routine. Observe the transformation in your stress management and share your journey with us. Your story can inspire and help fellow entrepreneurs in their quest for success and well-being.